The Awakening, reproduced with permission of
Feng Shui artist, © Caroline Patrick.

facebook-icon Judith Nourse, RN
Feng Shui Consultant

The Feng Shui Consultation

My goal is to empower you to see your life and surroundings with "Feng Shui eyes," to increase your awareness of your surroundings and how they are affecting you.

I consider your invitation to work with you a sacred trust. What we discuss is held in absolute confidence.

Preparation.  To benefit most from this appointment, I will ask you to write clear statements of your intentions and goals. These are the areas we will focus on as I assess your home and/or workspace.

The Appointment.  First we will discuss your goals. Then we will walk through your space, or your floor plan if we are not on-site.

Because Feng Shui is a language of symbols, I will point out features that are symbolically related to your goals. I will make recommendations and sometimes make changes on the spot, explaining the principles behind these suggestions. I offer options; you will always make the final decisions. I write all recommendations on my worksheet for you.

After the Appointment.  Feng Shui is a way of life and an ongoing process. The recommendations I make are meant to be done over time. At certain intervals, you may want to continue your work with me in more detail.

Because I teach Feng Shui classes, I may ask your permission to take pictures, and discuss certain findings with students, but will never disclose identity or specific location.

Fees:  Please phone me at 828.698.8036, or email for fee options for your individual needs.

Why Have a Consultation?

The reasons that motivate someone to have a private consultation are many and varied. Some of the more common reasons are relationship issues, job search, career enhancement, sale of a house, health issues, relationship enhancement, recovering from a major life transition such as divorce; designing a home, work space or place of business; a desire for llife improvement or change, ongoing struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions, and new, odd or unexplainable symptoms.

Feng Shui is a language of symbols! Symbols and patterns for all of these situations and more can be found in the home or workplace and addressed from the perspective of Feng Shui, often with swift and remarkable results!

Consultation On-Site vs By Phone

There are benefits to both.

Because neighboring buildings and sites, land form, décor and furnishings, and "feelings" in the structure and surroundings are all relevant, there is benefit to meeting at the location of your home, workplace, or construction site.

However, consultations using floor plans that are fax'd, emailed or mailed, combined with a few photos and a detailed 2-3 hour phone interview are equally as effective.  In this format, there is the benefit of seeing through your eyes without distractions.  You are my eyes as you guide me through the floorplan and aswer questions relevant to your reasons for the appointment.  This can be very significant with regard to patterns in the surroundings that might not otherwise be noticed.

Consultations are available on-site in these areas:

• In North Carolina

All of Western North Carolina, Asheville, Buncombe County, Waynesville, Black Mountain, Boone area, Hendersonville and Henderson County, Brevard and Transylvania County, greater Charlotte area, Statesville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem.

Another option is to meet in Brevard with your floor plan and photos at the Center for Integrated Health and Healing, offices of Charles Lefler, MD and James Nourse, PhD., LAc, 89 Medical Park Drive, 28712.

• In South Carolina:

Greenville and Spartanburg

• In Connecticut:

Greater Hartford area

• Other Areas will be considered. Please inquire.